Sri Chakra Sahita Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari Devalayam

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Under the divine guidance of Mukkamala Prapancha vasavi peetadhipathi Sri Sridhar Swamijii, Vaishya's goddess Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameshwari's vigraha prathistaapana was done on a very auspicious day of Swasthi Sri Chandramaana chitrabhanu naama samvasthsara Maagamasam Ekadasi Friday calendar day 12 february 2003.

During the vigraha prathistapana a homagundam was formed coincidentally, as per sasthra's a homagundam should have 3 steps with 3 different colours. The first step is of black colour, the second step is of red, the third step is of white. In a similar fashion in the GARBALAYAM 1 ½ feet black Sri chakram is placed, on the day of vigrahaprathista vasavi maata was decorated with red colour saree, as devi vigraham was made of white marble, devotees can darshan devi's idol in white colour , on the day of prasthistapana mercury and sandal was offered as part of pooja, the combination of mercury and sandal creates positive power (shakthi) and the shakthi is the form of Gayatri Shakthi, thus, a nice micro form of Sri Gayatri Homagundam was also formed.

In the Maha homagundam , Agni Samadhi Sri Kanyanaka Parameshwari Vigraaha prathistapana took place.

In the Himalayan region, there is a place called "Thriyagna Narayana",which is naturally formed micro homagundam millon years ago. This place is highly powerful and extremely difficult place even well versed Rishi's cann't reach in that region. In the "Thriyagna Narayana" homagundam the Akanda yagnam had been continuing ever since its formation. Even Sri Parvathi Parameshwara got married in this place. Devotees must observe and realize that there is a ray of Shakti or super energy combining both the microforms of homagundams at Kanyaka parameshwari temple and Himalaya as visualized and told by temple guru.

Sri Sri Sri Samartha Sadgurudevula Marella Sri Ramakrishna Guruji performed a 24 Gayatri Homagunda Maha yagnam and gave a message to devotees that there is powerful shakthi in the borabanda vasavi maata temple normal devotees or normal human beings can't bear or tolerate positive energy to neutralize or overcome this powerful shakthi, mirrors has to been arranged around the temple. Devalaya committee had ensured the implementation of Guruji's instructions as is. The mirrors have been arranged around the homagundam's as a symbolic representation of water.

Describing, various methods of sadhana's in the temple, Gurujii adviced devotees to do a 3 mala japa of Shreem bheejam Gayathri Mantra. He stated that, this temple is one of the best places to practice yoga vidya, athma vidya, and yagna vidya. Devotees visiting the temple may participate in all temple rituals and do karmayoga along with 3 to 10 mala gayathri mantra japam or atleast 15 minutes gayatri mantra dhyanam or meditation upon our beloved god (any) can be done to attain positive results in no time as addressed by gurujii.

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Morning Timings

5.30 am - 11.00 am
5.30 am - 12.00 Noon (on Fridays)

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6.00 pm - 8.30 pm


  • Every Tuesday/Friday : from 11:00 AM-Sri lalitha Sahasranamma parayanam
  • Every Pournami : 6 AM –Mahanganapathi with Maha Laxmi gayatri homam from 12:30 PM Amrutha Bojanam
  • In addition to this monthly poojas, Anniversaary Poojas,
  • On the day of Maaga Shudha Vidiya Sri Kanyaka Parameshwaru Atma Auhuthi,